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The Hard Fifty Farm: Finding Home

Jessie Duke and Adam Gnade

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OUT OF PRINT A good companion to Aaron Cometbus' essential Back to the Land, the Punch Drunk Press-released Hard Fifty Farm is a brand-new collection of country and farm writing by Pioneers Press owner Jessie Duke and Adam Gnade, both of which went back to the land in 2010 after growing up in the city. These rural life stories (three short pieces by Jessie and a longer one by Adam) tell a tale equally healthy and harrowing. The verdant rebirth of spring paired with looming death. The strength in purpose up against utter soul collapse. This is no Prairie Home Companion as each story shows the realities of cutting ties with the city and living out where the real winds blow. Just the same, there is an intoxicating sense of movement, of belief in the future, and a push toward a better, more livable life. Welcome to the Hard Fifty Farm …