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The Sexual Freedom Activism Field Guide Zine

The Sexual Freedom Activism Field Guide Zine

Nicole Mazzeo of

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From the publisher: This zine is a friendly, useful guide to getting involved with sexuality activism.

I spent a few years being really passionate about sex positivity before I really figured out what I could do that would make an impact. I didn't really know how to take my skills and actually do something relevant with them. And I also didn't know anyone who was doing activism around sexuality.

Now that I've figured out some options that feel meaningful to me, I want to make it easier for other people to find the ways that they can contribute, too. We all have skills and capacities for certain things, and I think our best bet is to take the things that we're good at (for me, it's making crafts and event planning) and apply them to our social justice goals.

The purpose of this zine is to help you figure out how you can take the things that YOU love to do (you're most effective when you're doing things you love) and use them to contribute to creating a cultural shift toward a more sexually accepting culture.

It's full of ideas for creative, intellectual, and supportive ways to contribute.

This zine also aims to help you find a healthy community that shares your values, where you can bounce your ideas off from other people who are thoughtful about sexuality.

DETAILS: This zine measures 2.75" x 4.25" and is printed on standard white computer paper, using black ink.