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The Studs Terkel Interviews: Film and Theater

The Studs Terkel Interviews: Film and Theater

Studs Terkel

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Studs Terkel is one of the best interviewers that this world has seen. In this collection we see him interviewing actors like Marlon Brando, Ian Mckellen, screen writers and playwrights Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams, and SO many more. And insightful and perceptive look into the lives of these people and their insights into their art and work.

Among the many highlights in these pages, Buster Keaton explains the wonders of unscripted silent comedy, Federico Fellini reflects on honesty in art, Carol Channing reveals that she is far more serious than she lets on, and Marlon Brando turns the tables and wants to interview Terkel. We learn about crucial artistic decisions in the lives of Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, and Edward Albee and hear from a range of film directors, from Vittorio De Sica and King Vidor to Satyajit Ray. We even get to witness Terkel playing straight man to a wildly inventive Zero Mostel. Because Terkel knows his subjects’ work intimately, he asks precisely the right questions to elicit the most revealing responses.

365 pages, 5.5"x8.25", Perfect-bound