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WhatsTheirName: More Adventures without Gender - Pioneers Press

WhatsTheirName: More Adventures without Gender

Julia Eff

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So it's 3am and I just got done reading this one but I wanted to type at you real quick ("hot irons" and all) and tell you how important I think this zine is. Another thing I just got done doing was typing at Julia to tell them their zine captures one of my favorite things (in writing, in music, in life, whatever) and that is the ever-winning combination of intelligence and strength (or rather toughness; there's a difference). 

Julia's 68-page (fully/beautifully-illustrated/collaged/hand-written) follow-up to Every Thug is a Lady is a total fucking smasher. It's about not having a gender and it's about not wanting to talk about it anymore, but talking about it regardless because it's necessary. It's also about dysphoric meltdowns in the mall and coming out to your straight boy partner and dealing with mislabeled pronouns and massive fucking dickheads on a daily basis. (Also: Special appearances from Oscar Wilde, a lot of screamo dudes, Alice Cooper, Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson, Laura Jane Grace, the grocery store, awful jobs, and Courtney Love).

Says Julia near the zine's intro, "Sorry if this zine isn't as 'positive' as the last one." This is true but I think it has something better than positivity--a balanced (maybe weathered), toughened perspective (in the middle of the shit-storm of life) and a heart full of fight. There's a lot of darkness and aching, split-raw vulnerability here, but fuck it, what are we without both? (We're dolls, statues, bowling pins.) No matter how mean the wind gets (and it gets) Julia stands ready in these pages to flip over tables and kick in shinbones and tell you the truth in a smart, eloquent, funny way. I'm good with this. -AG
68 pages, 4.25"x5.5", Saddle-stitched