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Winter Self-Care RAD PACK

Winter Self-Care RAD PACK

Pioneers Press

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This rad pack includes: 

4 zines (see descriptions below)
1 "Everyone Good is Necessary" Sticker
1 "Wake Up & Fight" Sticker
1 "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" Button

THE COLD SPELL: POTIONS & REMEDIES FOR WINTER: Winter is the hardest time of year for a lot of us. The weather is less forgiving, there's less sun in the sky, we're prone to those illnesses that thrive in closed spaces. The Cold Spell is a manual to help you through those short days and long nights. Suzanne gives us recipes for potions (broths, tinctures, toddys, teas) to nurse us along until the next, warmer, greener season. By Suzanne Lindgren 8.5" x 5.5", 32 pages, black and white, Saddle-stitched

RINGSIDE! A COMPANION PIECE TO THE DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE TO FIGHTING THE BIG MOTHERFUCKIN' SAD: In Ringside, Adam Gnade continues the work he began with his debut Pioneers Press release, The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad. As a companion text to the original work, Gnade's new release looks at taking an inventory of your life, finding the things that bring you down, and working to eliminate them in your path to a better life. It's about brutal reassessment and outlaw living, cutting away toxicity and vowing to live more honestly. As a continued guide to better, freer, more lawless living, Ringside is a friendly, positive, proactive step towards living healthier, happier, and beyond the grasp of the things that haunt you.

NESTING: SELF-CARE TIPS FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER: A new release from What a Beautiful Face: A Neutral Milk Hotel Fanzine author Katie Johnson, Nesting: Self-Care Tips for Autumn and Winter is a collection of physical and mental health tips for surviving the colder, shorter days. Spread across a full-day calendar (waking to sleep) Johnson breaks the day into segments and lists reminders on how to be kind to yourself, deflect the blows as they come, and not sucumb to colds and flues or sink into a deep winter depression. Useful, honest, funny, and friendly, Nesting offers concrete, specific ideas on staying productive, happy, and healthy.

AN HERBAL MEDICINE-MAKING PRIMER: From the good folks at Last Word Press, An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer looks at the various ways of concocting and preparing medicines of the herbal variety. Over the course of 26 pages we get a detailed look at alternative medicine from a relateable, accesible perspective. Topics tackled include: herbo-primitivism, green herbalogy, female health, scrubs, sitz baths, douches, suppositories, tinctures, glycerities, fermentation, salves, anarcho-herbalism, foraging, menstra, decoctions, infusions, and much more!