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If Nothing Else the Sky

If Nothing Else the Sky

Dave Roche

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New copies, with slight damage to one spot on cover.

We just got this one in from On Subbing author Dave Roche, and we look forward to delving into his always-funny tales of misadventures. A full write-up from us coming soon. In the meantime, from the author:

"If Nothing Else the Sky is about my trips to Australia and Southeast Asia. I got bit by a penguin, slept in a record store in Kuala Lumpur, saw a kangaroo with a huge sack, got shaken down at the Soekerno Hatta airport, thought I caught bird flu... oh, it was a HOOT! It's also about getting older and worrying that I'm trying too hard to hold on to my youth. Is it cool that I'm still sleeping on the couches of friends of friends or am I too old for that?"
96 pages, 5.5 x 8.25 in, Perfect-bound