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How do I submit my manuscript for publishing consideration?

We are currently accepting zine and book manuscripts for publishing consideration. Our focus for published titles is on homesteading (urban or rural); DIY, counter-culture, and cruelty-free lifestyles; how-to guides; and fiction that empowers and inspires our readers. We are not currently looking for poetry or art collections. Please include this Submission Form to avoid any delays in staff response and send it to:

Pioneers Press 
100 E Kansas Ave, #248 
Lansing, KS 66043-1501 

Submitted manuscripts will not be returned to the author unless requested in advance and a stamped envelope is included with the manuscript. We generally give priority to manuscripts from authors whose titles we have distributed in the past. Not sure your title is a good fit for us? Check out our catalog or shoot us an email!

How do I get my title distributed by Pioneers Press? 

We are currently accepting new submissions for our catalog! All new titles are taken on a trial consignment basis. We pay our consignment creators on the 15th of every other month. If we reorder your title on consignment more than two times your zine will be moved to normal distribution status. Invoices for distribution titles are paid in full within 30 days of receiving your works. We pay out a 50/50% split not including shipping costs. We also offer payment in trade for items in our catalog with a 60/40% split. Send us a sample copy of your book or zine so we can check it out! Please include this Submission Form to avoid any delays in staff response and send it all to:

Pioneers Press
100 E Kansas Ave, #248
Lansing, KS 66043-1501

If we carry your title, we'll order about 20-50 copies at a time for a zine or about 10-20 copies for a book. Please include a completed Consignment Invoice or write out the title, quantity, retail price, your (legal) name, and address. 

Pioneers Press specializes in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) goods. Our focus is on survival and sustainability from the farm to the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, and a cruelty-free lifestyle. We enjoy hand-done and unique historical, educational, instructive, cooking-related, and bicycling-related zines, and literary work. We like zines with information that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere and to learn about things we didn't know we were interested in. Very few of our zines could be considered traditional "magazines" and few of our book titles are from major presses. We tend not to distribute most poetry chapbooks, art zines, or music-related publications because that's not our focus and we haven't sold them well in the past. If you are unsure, take a look around our catalog and see if your work would fit in! We sell items mostly through retail orders but we also sell at conferences and on tour. In addition, items may be sold wholesale to stores and distributors. Haven't heard back about your submission? Shoot Jessie an email: Jessie @

Do you all carry eBooks? How does that work?

Yes! Our eBooks are available as DRM-free downloads in ePub and PDF format. After you check out, you'll be provided with a temporary download link, and then the files are yours to do with as you please!

 ePub is a free and open eBook standard that will work on most readers, and PDF is a universal fixed format that reads well on computers, too. Pioneers currently doesn't offer Kindle downloads on its catalog, so conversion of ePub to Kindle format (using a program like Calibre) is necessary.

And why does Pioneers Press carry eBooks? Many powerful self-published titles are difficult to keep in stock for independent authors, so eBooks help keep their titles available. And for titles that are in stock, having the option between paper and digital helps the title reach more readers, especially folks outside the United States!

What ever happened with that lawsuit between you and Microcosm Publishing? 

There's not a whole lot we can say about this. But thanks to our awesome lawyer, Dan Curry, and help from our families and the small press community, we were able to take our fight to court in Oregon. We were very confident with our position as trial proceedings got underway, and ultimately we received an offer to settle the case even before opening statements could be made. While this may not have been as satisfying as a court ruling in our favor, we still viewed this as a win (with all the associated emotions: happiness, relief, vindication, etc.) and returned to Kansas in high spirits. We are so very grateful to Dan Curry and all of you who supported us through this nightmare. 

As part of the settlement agreement, we are required to post the following statement: 

Microcosm Publishing and Pioneers Press are pleased to announce that we have reached a settlement regarding our past disagreements and the division of debt between our companies. No money will change hands, and neither company will pursue further legal action against one another with respect to past events. We wish to take back all of the hurtful, disparaging, and damaging things that were said by both sides. Microcosm Publishing and Pioneers Press both strongly encourage you to support each other in every way possible in the interest of independent publishing.