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The Race to Zero: A Collection of Words from 1994 to 2018

Justin Pearson

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Since his first tour and formation of the band Struggle at age 15, Justin Pearson has been bassist and/or vocalist in a slew of subversive and, at times, divisive acts including Swing Kids, The Crimson Curse, The Locust, Some Girls, Retox, Head Wound City, and Dead Cross. His razor wit and quick retorts have been known to get him both into and out of trouble throughout life, and this casual cleverness, coupled with biting commentary, absurdist imagery, and situationist ideals, are a staple of his writing style as an author and lyricist. Published as a collaboration between Pioneers Press and Three One G, the Race to Zero is a collection of all lyrics he has written throughout his extensive career, as well as various examples of short creative vignettes and prose.

192 pages

Paperback book, spotgloss cover