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"LET'S GET LIT(ERARY)!" Mystery Pack

"LET'S GET LIT(ERARY)!" Mystery Pack

Pioneers Press

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Another special zine mystery pack curated by zine genius and Pioneers Press author Julia Eff!
From Julia:
“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” –Ray Bradbury

Like the demon alcohol, good writing warms our hearts & pickles our guts. Why not sit around the fire together passing books instead of bottles and get schwasted on literature?
Here’s 6 (or more!!) zines to blur the line between lowbrow DIY antics & high art, words that belong in a museum more than stashed in the milk crate under your bed. This is straight up LITERATURE with a photocopy heart. If you feel equally at home in the university library and the basement of your local punk house, this pack is for you. Some fiction, some not, these zines—fuck, WORKS, at a certain point you can’t call it a zine anymore cuz while zines are amazing and can be art of themselves ‘zine’ connotes something less-than-gorgeous, something about cats or pro wrestlers or pro wrestlers’ cats, and these are ELEVATED LITERARY ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE WRITTEN WORD—are expanding the bounds of modern indie lit as we know it.
Peruse these at yr local coffeeshop to impress the qt barista who’s majoring in philosophy and 19th century French poetry and maybe they’ll comp yr next cup & you’ll fall madly in love & end up vacationing together in Istanbul in a brief yet passionate and creatively fulfilling fling. If you like Patti Smith, Jeffrey Eugenides, Kelly Link, bell hooks., expensive cigarettes, Shirley Jackson, deep investigative journalism, turning off spellcheck on yr phone, cool pants, skulls, historic architecture, getting presents in the mail, suspense, discovery, thesauruses, and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer brilliance/beauty/poignance of art/music/the new thing you’re reading then this is the pack for you!
This pack includes 6+ zines (WORKS) and all the literary swag you’ll need to showcase your love of the written word. Curl up with one of these great indie reads and a cup of tea and get ready to drop some SPICY LIT-BOMBS all over your next book club.